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I want to provide you with the investing education and knowledge that will assist your need to:

  • Achieve financial peace, and

  • Protect you and your family from Fraud and Investor Neglect

I chose The Neglected Investor for my website name for a specific reason.  After spending more than 20 years in the banking, investment and insurance industries,  I have seen far too many investors taken advantage of, or forgotten and neglected by their advisers, due to the investor’s lack of financial knowledge.

Within this “grey” area of investing, an investor may be misled, misrepresented, mismanaged or misinformed even though no crime may have been committed and no law or rule may have been broken.




  • Lack of basic Financial Education.
  • Broker/Adviser exploitation of “grey” areas.
  • Investment Company’s reluctance to spend education dollars on investors with little to invest.
  • Broker/Adviser compensation model often leads to less time spent with smaller investors!
  • Broker/Adviser goals not aligned with the small investor. Little incentive to educate/serve the small investor.
  • Investment landscape is constantly and rapidly changing. How do you stay abreast of such changes?




I recognize that many people are searching for honest, EASY TO UNDERSTAND, information about personal finance and investing.  The Financial Industry, like many others, has it’s own language and this can be overwhelming without the proper education.

If you don’t have a basic understanding of these investing fundamentals, it is next to impossible to understand recommendations from your professional advisers, much less comprehend current financial news events and how they IMPACT YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE!

I have found that many, many people are truly embarrassed by their lack of Financial Literacy and therefore hesitant to address their own financial situation.

This HAS to stop!

Education supports your financial well being.


Don't Neglect Yourself

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There is a fundamental disconnect between the compensation plans for the average broker and the financial education, guidance and goals of the small investor.  If you don't have enough money to invest, most brokers and advisers aren't interested in working with you.

The very people who need the most help find it the hardest to get objective investment advice and must often blindly trust others for guidance.

Investment brokers are often compensated in a manner that encourages them to focus more on selling products and less on providing ongoing service and education to investors.  And, there is another factor that eventually causes even the most well intentioned broker to neglect their clients (read why here).

Even the “fee only” or “managed money” compensation plans of investment advisers don’t provide for adequate service and education for many investors. Read here to discover why investment advisers don’t, or won’t work for many investors.




Occasionally you will hear about a broker or adviser involved in some egregious act of fraud or theft.  Who hasn’t heard of Bernie Madoff?

While such blatant acts do occur, my experience indicates that exploitation of the “grey” areas of investment advice occur far more frequently.

“Grey” areas?

Most of us know, as do most brokers and advisers, the difference between right and wrong, the “black” and “white”, “night” and “day” issues.

But it is between the boundaries of black and white where many investors are either taken advantage of, or very poorly represented.

Even when laws and rules are broken, many investors either don’t have the Financial Literacy to recognize the problem, or don’t know where to turn for help.

I am not suggesting that all brokers and advisers act fraudulently. I acknowledge that there are many honest and reputable ones.  One of the purposes of my website is to help you keep them honest through investor education and knowledge.

While I am not proposing that you stop consulting with professional advisers, you will certainly be able to better represent YOURSELF and ensure that YOUR best interests are addressed if you increase your knowledge of Investing and Financial Literacy!


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